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This is a list of the most common commands that you use on an IRC server, such as Once you are in the IRC client, you simply run a command like this:

/join #support

Note the / that is entered right before the name of the command. This character tells your IRC client that you want to run a command instead of say something. Once you have joined a channel, you can say something on the channel by just typing what you want to say and then press return. Its that easy.

List of commands

  • /join #channel - join a channel called #channel
  • /part #channel - leave channel #channel
  • /quit - quit IRC
  • /msg betty some message - Send the text "some message" privately to user betty.
  • /me action - Show others on the channel that you are doing an action.
  • /who - List who is in the current channel.
  • /list - Print a list of all available channels on the server.
  • /whois nick - Print information about user nick
  • /help command - Print help about the command named command

Commands for use in irssi IRC client

Probably the best IRC client to use from the command line is irssi. It is automatically used if you run the susochat command from the shell. Here is a list of keystrokes and commands that are commonly used in the client.

  • Ctrl-p - Go to the previous window (if you have more than one open)
  • Ctrl-n - Go to the next window