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Here we have compiled a list of commands that may be useful to you when logged into the shell via ssh. If you ever need more information than what is described here, just run the man command followed by the command name. For instance, to find out information about the 'grep' command, you would run:

man grep

When you are done viewing the information, press 'q' to quit.

List of commands

  • man - display information about a command
  • cd - change directories
  • ls - list the contents of a directory
  • pwd - show the path to the current directory
  • cp - copy a file to another file or directory
  • mv - move or rename a file
  • rm - remove a file
  • mkdir - create a directory
  • chmod - change the permissions on a file
  • less - view the contents of a file
  • nano - file editor
  • grep - search for a pattern in a file or files
  • date - display the current date and time
  • passwd - Change your login password
  • du - display the space used for a directory
  • pine - read email from shell
  • links - text based web browser
  • w - See who else is logged in
  • susochat - Talk to other suso users